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Licensed and Bonded
Selection of Foam Coating, Filler, Adhesives & Raw Foam 

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Make Styrofoam Blocks
Cut & Stack 4'x8' Sheets of Insulation from Home Depot & our Easy Spray-on Foam Adhesive

Foam Lok Adhesive in a Can  Buy Now
17.25oz Can, $19.95 

Case of 12 Cans, $144 
Buy Now

Adheres EPS to EPS * Fast Setup Time of 5 Minutes * Use Anywhere * Clear-Colored * Covers Approximately 100 s.f. per Can * Does Not Degrade the EPS  * Excellent for Construction, Signs, Theater, Arts & Crafts, Packaging, Florists, and 100's more uses

Foam-Lok is a powerful, fast-setting* EPS adhesive formulation used for bonding EPS to EPS. It also works well for adhering EPS to wood, metal, glass, fabric, and countless other substrates. Foam-Lok is available in a convenient 17.25-oz. spray can or a handy, 30-pound, bulk tank sprayer. Foam-Lok dispenses a web-like pattern, delivery about 100 sq. feet per 17.25-oz. can or 3,500 sq. feet from the bulk sprayer.
It takes only a 4-1/2-minute wait after spraying the surface to be bonded before locking action begins. Foam-Lok does not degrade the foam and works great with foam to foam, wood, metal, fabric, and many other surfaces.
* Because weather, humidity, and temperature can adversely affect both adhering times as well as bonding strength, we recommend a test be performed prior to use to determine the effectiveness this product will have in your application

Foam Adhesives, Filler & Dispensing Guns
For adhesive AND FILLER for concealing holes in your foam projects, try this product line.

Enerfoam 25
Foam Adhesive and a Filler in One
 Bonds Quickly to Almost Anything * One Can Is Equal to 40 Quart Tubes of Adhesive *
Initailly in 10 Minutes 
                              Polyurethane-Based *  950 Lineal Feet at 1/2" Bead
Use for:  Sealing, Filling & Gluing Foam Projects, ICF Construction, Weather Proofing

Single 20oz Can
$19.95 Buy Now

Case of 12 EnerFoam, 20 oz
and Free Dispensing Gun
$235.00 Buy Now

Starter Set of 2- 20oz cans of EnerFoam, Dispensing Gun and 12oz of EnerFoam Cleaner

$89.95 Buy Now

FGUN2 - EnerFoam Dispensing Gun...$39.95  Buy Now

Ener10 - 12oz of Dispensing Gun Cleaner...$14.95 Buy Now












Foam Coating & Hardening Agents

Foam Coat, Cement Texture

Foam Coat 2lbs...$19.95 Buy Now
Foam Coat 3lbs....$25.95 Buy Now
Foam Coat 25lbs...$49.95 Buy Now

This is the best smooth foam coat we have tested. This rock-hard coating protects and beautifies your foam projects. Can be use outdoors when sealed with any outdoor paint. Just mix with water. Sandable. Apply thick with a trowell or thin to use with a paintbrush. Sets up in only about 15 minutes. Extend drying time by adding up to 50% latex paint with your water before mixing into the dry foam coat.2lbs. Covers 30 sq. ft at 1/16th" thick. (Less expensive than Rosco Foam Coat, and better characteristics)

MIXING Mix in a clean container with clean water. Use 3.5oz cool water per pound of powder. Add powder to water and mix until Foam Coat turns to a smooth paste. Do not overmix.
APPLYING Fill big cracks and holes by applying pasty mixture with a trowel. You may add more water until mixture is thin enought to apply with a paint brush, although thinning weakens coating. Use thinned mixture to texture large areas. May be applied as thick as 3/8 inch. Try texturing surface before coating sets. Add Grit texturizer to create a rock-like surface effect.
SET TIME Use within 10 minutes. Sets hard in 30 minutes. Maximum bond and hardness in 1 day.
FINISHING Remove dust before painting. This product goes on smooth and can be sanded. Can be used outdoors if sealed with paint.
CLEAN-UP Clean tools and brushes with clean soapy water before coating hardens.

Apply Cementious Coatings FAST with our 
SUPERIOR HOPPER GUN....$120.00     

Buy Now  

2-Gallon Capacity

Comes with 3 Nozzles: 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm

Sprays Mill Mixes, Acoustics, Drywall, Mud, Glitter, Waterproofing, EIFS, and more

Our Hopper Gun has a large, two-gallon, plastic holding shute for spraying texture. The HG1 operates on any compressor with a minimum of 7 cfm at 25 psi. Includes stand.

2 Gallon Superior Hopper Gun for
Dispensing Cementious Foam Coat

SHOWKOTE Light Texture Acrylic Finish
1 Gallon.... $62.75, Buy Now
3.5 Gallons....$185.00, Buy Now


Light-Texture Acrylic Finish, Flexible Foam Coating for
Architecture, Theater, Entertainment Sculpture, Arts & Crafts

Water-based, elastomeric coating. Allows definition to show. For either interior or exterior surfaces. Works well over EPS foam and other surfaces. Dries gray. Can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. Covers 320 sq. ft. at 5 mils.

Foam Block & Foam Sheets

Foam Sheets....$39.95, Buy Now


6 pieces of smooth rigid white
EPS 2”x16”x24” foam for big projects.   5lbs

Foam Block....$39.95, Buy Now


One 12"x16"x24" block of smooth rigid white EPS foam for big projects.
No air shipment of foam.  5lbs

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