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Licensed and Bonded
 PRO-1 Hot Knife                       Crafters Hot Knife, ROD Style Kit                         NEW PRO-1 & Hot Rod Combo
    5.5" Blade                
       (Not A Wire)    NEW Continuous Duty Cycle  NO Rest Time                with Sled, Adaptor & Stand

 10 Min On, 3 Min Rest Cycle                                      STRONG 1/8" diameter Steel ROD                                     Combo Kit w/ Rod & Blade  
   w/ Depth Gauge                                                    with Sled, Adaptor & Stand Accessory              Your Choice of 6" or 9" Rod
      See Video                            
New Hot Rod Style   See Flyer Press Release  See Video  

  $99.95 BUY NOW                                             6" Rod Kit $79.95 BUY NOW                                                               ROD & BLADE KIT:  $169.95 BUY NOW  
                                                                                9" Rod Kit $99.95 BUY NOW  
                                                                                 6" and 9" Rod Kit  BUY NOW  
                            (All Rod Sets include Sled, Adaptor, Stand)


Original Hot Knife with Intermittant Duty Cycle and detachable blades and Bendable Wire
5 minutes On, 3.5 Minute Rest 

Deluxe Hot Knife, 4.5" Blade                        Hot Knife w/Flat Wire + Adaptor                               Blades $49 each Buy Now      
Detachable Blade, $180.00 BUY NOW
                $199.00 Buy Now                                               Specify which blade w/order

            Continuous Duty Cycle  $495.00 Buy Now
                                         Zeta 20 HEAVY DUTY THERMOCUTTER w/ 2", 4" &  8" blades
                 Cuts tough jobs: Rubber, carpet, PE, PU, Webbing, Foam

Pro-1 & Hot Knife w/                                                     Master Hot Knife Kit
                                 Four Piece Set w/ Deluxe
Bendable Blades                                                            Incl Deluxe Hot Knife & Full                       Knife, 4.5" straight blade, 3/4"
$290.00  Buy Now                                                   selection of BLADES, STOPS & CASE           Curved Blade & Flat
Includes 2-12" Flat Wire                                                Buy Now  $478.00                                        
$285.00  Buy Now  


Industrial 50 Amp Hot Knife
with 7.5" Blade
$1,249.00 Buy Now
See details in Buy Now
  Continuous Duty Cycle
Basic 7pc Craftsman Hot Knife and Groover Set
(For Blades up to 6" Wide)

CraftsMan Hot Knife & Groove Set 
Packed with 150 Watts of Power 
Gun with  Heavy Duty 4" and 6" Straight Blades
with 1" & 6" Groove Adapter Plates
for Tiny & Medium Grooves
2 feet of Flat Wire 
(Additional Flat Wire is $11.00/ft) 
5 minute Duty Cycle

Buy Now

$119.00  BUY NOW 

Perfect addition to
the flat wire adaptor Kit
Includes 10' Flat Wire
Plus Crimping Too.


                           Hot Knife Descriptions Below

* PRO HOT ROD TOOL KIT INCLUDES one 9" Rod (longest in the industry) and one 6" Rod, Pro Power Supply and Handy Sled Guide that converts into a Table Adaptor and Rod Stand.  The Hot Rod won't shut down to cool, offering continuous working cycle.  The Rod is Stainless Steel and is strong, precise and long lasting.  Offers convenient stay on power switch, heats to over 750 degrees F in only one minute.  Cuts corners and curves easily. New Technology.


Descriptions of Hot Knives, Foam Cutters and Hot Wires Below    

Deluxe Hot Knife & Foam Cutter

Transformer-powered, heats up in seconds.  Only 1 lbs with high quality 4.5" blade (full range of blades available at extra charge).  Post mounts (not stamped) to easy exchange of additional blades.  Cuts EPS and Extruded Foam.  Comes with a spring loaded safety Trigger. High powered, 105 watts right in the handle.  This is a limited-time use tool.  Use for 5 minutes and then cool for 2-1/2 minutes.  To avoid overheating and damaging the tool, depress the trigger for 15 seconds, then release the trigger for 15 seconds.  Using the tool for longer than 5 minutes without a break will cause heat damage and is not covered by warranty.  Do not use a screwdriver to tighten the blade screws.

Deluxe Hot Knife with Flat Wire Adaptor Kit

Same as Above but instead of a 4.5" straight blade, this is a specialized kit that allows you to bend one foot of flat wire to any shape needed for the job.  Electrical box shapes or creative design shapes for specialized foam jobs.  Comes with two pieces of flat wire and adaptors/tool, plus the Deluxe Hot Knife.  Other blades available at an additional charge.


Shaping Tool with 10' of Flat Wire

For precision shapes in flat wire, use this high quality and effective tool.  Comes with 10' high gauge NiChrome Flat Wire.

* PRO-1 & Crafters Hot Knives - See Home Page for Full Description 

* 4" Mini Hot Wire Knife - See Hobby Hot Wire Page for Full Description



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