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Licensed and Bonded
Build Your own Hot Wire Table    $99.95 - $1228.00
Basic Hot Wire Kit Do it Yourself;

KITHW - Build your own 2-4 foot Hot Wire Table or Bow Includes high powered Magnum  or Mag 8 Controller, Gator Cord, 2 Insulators, Spring and 100' Roll of NiChrome Wire or Inconnel Wire.

* 2-4 foot Hot Wire Table with NiChrome Wire (.0228 gauge) and Magnum Controller,       $795.00
Buy Now
* 2-8 foot Hot Wire Table with Inconel Wire (.0126 gauge) and Mag 8 Controller,            $895.00  Buy Now    
Deluxe 4' Hot Wire Table Kit (With Specialized Handles) 4' Table Kit - $895.00 Buy Now

KITHWH4 - Kit Includes high powered Magnum Power Controller capable of heating 4' long length of NiChrome Wire.  Also includes 100' NiChrome Wire, Hot Wire Holders/Handles (2pc) made of Insulated Pastic with built in Gator Cord & attachments  for handles & Magnums.  Case NOT Included


Hot Wire Kit for High Gauge, BENDABLE Wire - $1228.00  Buy Now


This unique kit includes a very High Powered, Auxiliary Power Controller that heats up to three feet of Bendable Flatwire
(0.28 gauge) or Round NiChrome Wire (.125 gauge) for cutting EPS foam shapes.  Flat Wire is standard with this order but you may specifiy Round Wire.  This wire will hold specialized shapes.  Includes 10 feet of Flat or Round Wire, 2 insulators, and one spring and a Wire Shaping Tool.

Light Duty Heated Rod and Table Adaptor                                  With Adjustable Angle Clamp
 Tubular HEATED ROD tool kit w/6" & 9" rods, AC &  sled guide, rod stand and table adaptor  
  $139.95  Buy Now   
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Parts & Accessories

Power Supply    BUY NOW

Magnum Power Controller to power a 2-4 foot hot wire table with NiChrome Wire...$563.00

HWH - Hot Wire Holders (Set of two).......... $153.00  BUY NOW

Can be used for Cutting Blocks of Geo Foam, Built in Gator Cord, Insulated Plastic Handles, Tension Springs, Gator Cord plug attaches to A Magnum Controller or a Mag8 Controller.

            NW100 - Light Gauge, (.0228) NiChrome Wire, 100 feet.....$65.00   BUY NOW 
                                                NW500 - Light Gauge, (.0228) NicChrome Wire, 500 feet...$230.00 BUY NOW

NiChrome Wire is used for foam cutting requirements from 24" to 53".  Hot Enough to cut EPS foam.

            IW100 - Light Gauge, (0.126) Inconel Wire, 100 feet...$95.00  BUY NOW 

Inconel Wire is used for foam cutting requirements from 24" to 108".  Hot enough to cut EPS foam

  Flat Wire & Shaping Tool............BUY NOW 
KITWCP10 - Ten Feet of Heavy Gauge Shapeable FLAT Wire and Wire Shaping Tool
for use with the APC Power Controller or Hot Knife with Flat Wire Adaptor  $105.00

(See hot knives section for details on our Flat Wire hot knife -
This gun is limited to 10" of bendable flat wire only... $199.00)

                                                                          Flat Wire Adaptor & Gun

                                                                          Buy Now




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