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Licensed and Bonded
MINI Scroll tables, BIG BOWS & LARGE industrial hot wire tables


Building Construction * foam shapes for icF * SIPS * EIFS * Packaging * fusing of Synthetic Fabrics; Nylon, Dacron, Polypropolene, Rope, Ribbon * Upholstery Foam Rubber * Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
* Model Railroad, Wargames & Department 56 Scenery & Terrain* * Architectural Models *
Foam Arts & Crafts * Foam Sculpting * Foam Theater Sets & Props * Floral Foam


12" x 14" x 8" Blades

Basic Scroll Table
W/ AC Power $79.95
or with PRO Power $159.95
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PRO Scroll Table
Same Table w/
Urgraded PRO
Power Station


Additional Wire $19.95 Buy Now

3D Scroll Table w/PRO power Station
16" x 18" x 12" blades
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2 In 1  Table & Bow

$399.00  Buy Now

40” x 9.5” Mid-sized
foam cutting table for exact
and clean foam cutting.
This tool combines free handed
cutting through a removable
cutting bow with guided table cutting.
Cuts exact angles with help from angle scale.

See Medium Duty Bow
With Video

Mini SideWinder
24" x 32" x 15" Wire Height   $975.00   Buy Now

 Basic Scroll Table
12"x14" Scroll Table for cutting accurate straight edges, strips, angles, curves, cylinders, cones . . . Simple adjustment for making angle cuts.  World's best tool for modeling buildings, slicing walls, making columns, custom signs, and much much more.   Made of industrial strength ABS. Comes with four 8" tall cutting blades. Works with both power supplies.  Includes AC Power Supply

PRO Scroll Table
 This scroll table is between the Basic Scroll table and the 3D professional Scroll Table, offering the PRO-Power station (instead of the AC Power Station), 8 Blades, including bendable flat Ribbon Wire for specialty shapes and a fence kit. 
Offers precision slicing and unique traveling fence for controllable complex angles.

3D Scroll Table  
Combination Scroll Table, Router, and Lathe. Comes with a combination of 7 wires and blades (include low gauge, high gauge and flat wire/Ribbon blade), stationary and travelling fences, vertical lathe, milling attachments, and more. Big sturdy 16x18" ABS base offers a 12" high arm.  Lower the arm and bend the blades to specific shapes.  Unlimited horizontal cut. Can only be used with Pro Power Station which is included in pricing.  This table mimics features offered on larger hot wire industrial tables  for the hobby foam workers.   Comes with PRO power station.

Mini SideWinder
This miniature industrial foam cutting table provides our largest of the small table with a surface area of 24" x 32" x 15" of cutting height.  The Power supply is built in and offers variable heat settings.  This small but might table gives the versatility of sign making and the size to tackle larger hobby & smaller industrial jobs.

                                                   Medium to Light Duty Big Bow, Buy Now $229.00
                                                                         Includes Power Supply 
                              Extra Wire: $21.95



Foam Cutting World by TL Marshall is
an Authorized Dealer

Light Duty Big Bow is two, three, four bows in one. Includes Power Supply and Includes 4 long-life Hot Wire Blades.  The 2’ or 4’ bow is fast and agile and built to last. The ultimate hot wire hand cutter for big hobby jobs. Super clean and fast 2 or 4 foot long by 6 or 18 inch deep cuts. Lightweight but heavy duty aluminum construction. Ultra tough and insulative coating. Thick round tubing for a firm and comfortable grip.  Change direction of cut instantly. Convenient switch is right on the tool. Variable power supply. Quickly collapses for shipping and storage. Includes 3 snap-clamps for storage or workbench mounting. Can be used without the extension arms for better control.   Includes Power supply.  Additional 4 piece replacement Wire is sold separately at $21.95. 

Light Duty BIG BOW Hot Wire Cutter - $229.00

Heavy Duty Junior 100 BIG BOW Hot Wire Cutter - $499.00
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Junior 100
See Video

Junior 100 (Heavy Duty BIG BOW)

This Cutting-Set includes:

    * 1 Cutting arm 100 cm / 40 inches wide

    * 1 Transformer 40V

    * 2 Short hole punched tracks

    * 2 Long hole punched tracks

    * 10 Replacement cutting wires

    * One year limited warranty

The Junior 100 cutting tool can cut foam up to 100cm (40 inches) in width.  The tool is extremely light weight and perfect for the
'light' user. All cuts are
possible and the process is very easy: Depending on the specifications of the cut, the hole punched tracks
are attached to the foam with nails. These tracks
serve as guides. The heated wire of the cutting arm is then moved along the

tracks to make the cut. This process can be performed on a table top, the floor, or leaned against a wall. The cutting arm can be
used to create any shape of cut
when used with custom guide tracks.

LGS 135 R (53 inch x 16 inch) 2 in 1 Hot Wire Table & Detachable BIG BOW - $1,799.00
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LGS Big Bow & Table  See Video

  L-G-S (40.5" x 14")  Buy Now $1299.00

The L-G-S combines two tools into one: a functional foam cutting table with a hand-held cutting bow for free handed cutting. The L-G-S is equipped with a strong transformer, large strike ledge, and two support tracks for large blocks. Repetitive and angular cuts are done fast and easy.

    *  Cutting length of up to 1010 mm (40.5 inches)

    * Cutting thickness of up to 350 mm (14 inches)

    * Clean cuts without shavings

    * Especially useful to lend to your customers

    * Suited for angle cuts

    * Folding cutting arm to save space

    * 10 Easy exchangeable cutting wires

    * 40 V transformer

    * The hanging construction for the cutting wire is equipped with springs on both sides to extend the life of the cutting wires

    * Two support tracks for larger pieces of material

    * Detachable cutting arm

    * One Year Limited Warranty


SideWinder 33" x 62"
(Also available in 48" x 96"
to cut 2'x8'capacity)
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Hot Wire Table Kit
Make Your Own (Case Not Included)
4' Table Kit - $755.00

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4' SideWinder

Flexible table, 33" x 62", Cuts angles and straight cuts such as Compount Miters, Columns, & Decorative Mouldings using hardboard template patterns to trace shapes. Variable heat control that heats quickly.   110 & 220 Volts.  2' x 4' block capacity.  125 lbs
Cuts 48" wide foam and includes Magnum Controller Power Supply

Hot Wire Table Kit

Build your own table.  Kit Includes either a 4' or 8' Magnum Power Controller to heat long lenth of wire, 100' NiChrome Wire, Hot Wire Holders/Handles (2pc) made of Insulated Pastic with built in Gator Cord & attachments for handles & Magnums.  4' table kit is $775.00

            FieldCut Portable Hot Wire Table

            $2675.00 including Power Supply
& 100' NiChrome Wire
Buy Now

            FieldCut Portable Table

            Field Cut Portable
       Hot Wire Table

            NW100 - Light Gauge, (.0228) NiChrome Wire, 100 feet.....$35.00   BUY NOW 
                                                NW500 - Light Gauge, (.0228) NicChrome Wire, 500 feet...$140.00 BUY NOW

NiChrome Wire is used for foam cutting requirements from 24" to 53".  Hot Enough to cut EPS foam.

            IW100 - Light Gauge, (0.126) Inconel Wire, 100 feet...$50.00  BUY NOW

Inconel Wire is used for foam cutting requirements from 24" to 108".  Hot enough to cut EPS foam

  Flat Wire & Shaping Tool $105.00............BUY NOW 























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