Deluxe Hot Knife with Flat Wire Adaptor & 12" Bendable Flat Wire

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  • 105 watts Hot Knife Foam Cutter with FLAT WIRE ADAPTER for Bending Flat Wire into any shape

  • Includes 2-12" pieces of Flat Wire (additional wire sold separately)
  • Transformer-Powered Hot  Knife
  • Heats Up Hot Knife Blades in Seconds

  • Lightweight -- Only 1 Pound

  • High-Quality Hot Knife Blades

  • Post Mount Blades, Not Stamped

  • Hot Knife Blades Designed to Cut Expanded Polystyrene EPS Foam and Extruded Polystyrene XPS

  • Spring-Loaded Safety Trigger

  • Additional Blades Sold Separately

We've packed a whopping 105 watts of power right in the handle, making this the most compact, strongest tool in its class. We've added even more value to the Hot Knife with the development of the flat wire adaptor.