Deluxe Hot Knife w/ 6 Electrical Box Cutter Blades


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Deluxe Hot Knife Includes a pack of 3 Single Wide Blades (CUTS 2 1/4" WIDE BY 4" DEEP) and a pack of 3 Double Wide Blades (CUTS 4 1/4" WIDE BY 4" DEEP)

ORIGINAL HOT KNIFE FOAM CUTTER with 6 electrical box cutter Blades

  • 105 watts Hot Knife Foam Cutter

  • Transformer-Powered Hot  Knife

  • Heats Up Hot Knife Blades in Seconds

  • Lightweight -- Only 1 Pound

  • High-Quality Hot Knife Blades

  • Post Mount Blades, Not Stamped

  • Hot Knife Blades Designed to Cut Expanded Polystyrene EPS Foam and Extruded Polystyrene XPS

  • Spring-Loaded Safety Trigger