2 Crafters Hot Knife ROD Style Set

Crafters Hot Knife ROD Style SET with BOTH 6" & 9" Rods plus Sled/Adapter Accessory


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Two Strong and durable 6" & 9" hot rods that are handheld scroll saws and power drills that cuts foam with fast, clean, surgical precision. TThe Crafters “Rod Style” hot knives offer a continuous duty cycle without shutting down to cool. Other high powered hot knives cut for only 5 minutes before requiring a rest cycle of at least 3 minutes. These Rods are made with a tough 1/8” diameter Stainless Steel outer tubing that won’t easily bend and warp like comparable hot wire tools.  Other useful options include a versatile sled guide accessory and convenient ergonomic stay-on power switch.  


This new Crafters Rod Kit is available with 4 pieces that include 6”and the long 9” hot knife, a 45 watt power supply with 9’ power cord and a versatile accessory that converts to a sled guide, rod stand or table adapter. The 9” Rod is the longest cutting blade in the industry and addresses a critical need for longer cutting tools. The rods heat to a maximum cutting temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit in one minute and they are available in 110 or 220 volts for both USA and international markets. 


“This new tool kit is packed with every feature consumers have requested,” said Lorraine Marshall, President of Foam Cutting World and creator of the original Crafters and PRO-1 Hot Knives. “It offers affordability, continuous work cycle, strong and long length, stay on the power switch, 110  and 220 voltage and a great new guide accessory allowing precision cutting, safety, and an all-new feature which converts ordinary tables into a foam cutting table”  


The new kit is used primarily by do-it-yourself builders, electricians and model makers but the tools can easily be used for cutting fabric, theater props, packaging, candle making and a variety of other industries with materials that use heat to cut.