24" Hot Wire Table with Bendable Blades & Multi Heat Power Supply

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The Dream Machine!! The new design is a BIG, round 24 inch diameter table and is not only slick looking, but even more functional. This multi-use professional modeling machine is a combination Scroll Table, Router, Milling Machine, and Lathe


3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table
Enter a new world of creative design with our new foam-cutting dream machine

Need to do scroll cutting, routing, milling, and lathe cutting? You will get all that and more in this ultimate multi-function professional foam cutting machine.

Also need to make plunge cuts?
Buy a Hot Knife and the Sled Guide attachment


  • 3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table

  • 11.5-Inch Vertical Blades allow unlimited length horizontal cuts

  • Ultra fine 8-inch Precision Blades slice foam paper thin

  • 10.5-inch Router Blades can be bent with fingers to any shape

  • 8-inch Ribbon Blades for cutting foam moldings

  • Stationary Fence for controlled slicing

  • Unique Traveling Fence for controllable complex angles

  • Second horizontal rod for overhead milling operations

  • Instructional DVD

  • Printed Instructions

  • Power supply sold separately or in a money saving kit


  • Vertical lathe for cylinders, cones, and dimensional columns

  • Variable angle adjustment of all blades

  • Unlimited length of cut

  • Quick and easy freehand scroll cutting

  • Starts cutting immediately

  • Cuts continuously without overheating

  • Made with care in the USA

Used For:

  • Controlled cutting of Styrofoam, white beaded EPS and extruded XPS foam

  • Architectural models and features

  • Full size crown molding and other architectural elements

  • Accurate straight edges, strips, angles, curves, cylinders, cones, etc.

  • Letters and numbers for signs and displays

  • Complex engineering designs and armatures

Tech Specs:

  • The cutting wires last indefinitely if you let the heat do the cuttin

  • 17 inches of clearance from cutting wire to rear post

  • Easy user replaceable cutting wires

  • The PDF page has more pictures and details

  • Made of thick industrial strength ABS and solid brass to last a lifetime

  • Includes the Multi-Heat Pro Power Station